Problems accessing Citrix farm

“Your connection is not fully secure” 

We have been made aware of a problem for customers accessing the RevUp server farm at site. The symptoms are messages saying the “Your connection is not fully secure” or similar and is caused by browsers particularly Chrome and Edge dropping support for TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 protocols. Our farm should be supporting TLS1.2 but currently it is not. We are looking into it and literally working through the night (this post written at 3:50am).


The one work around is to use the old Internet Explorer as seen by this icon i.e. the one with the yellow flash. See the source image   Internet Explorer works and will be on your machine somewhere. Some versionof Edge also work, Don’t confuse Internet Explorer with Internet Edge which looks similar.

Only the those who have applied the latest browsers are getting the problem… others usually work. Some browsers allow you to simply click continue but others prevent access completely.

Microsoft's new Edge logo erases bad memories of Internet ... However the latest version Microsoft Edge which now looks like this doesn’t work nor does the latest Chrome version. So if all is good please do not upgrade your browser or Windows until we have fixed the issue our end. Otherwise use Internet Explorer which will be on your PC somewhere. Thanks for your understanding.

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