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Everyone is talking about Cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) but what is it and how can Hosting help businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Well the first thing to say is that in essence Hosting with Prosolve simply means taking your program or database system and putting in on one of our servers securely located in a purpose built data centre in Newbury. Then by using a remote access client running that very same application from anywhere that has a broadband internet connection… to coin a phrase “SIMPLES!”

By hosting your application you remove the need maintain a possibly expensive server and it also allows you to upgrade your desktops and laptops without worrying about compatibility. Our remote access client uses Citrix technology and means you can run Microsoft and other Windows business applications on pretty much any version of Windows, Apple OS including iPads and even Linux. Your organisation can have a mixture of Windows and Apple computers all running the same application. What’s more you no longer need to worry about backups – we take care of all of that.

Access is secure, including the option of two factor keyfob authentication (very much the same as probably used by your bank to access your account), fast and above all reliable. We are the recognised world experts in hosting OpenInsight products as well as more common Microsoft offerings.

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