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Problems accessing Citrix farm

“Your connection is not fully secure” 

We have been made aware of a problem for customers accessing the RevUp server farm at site. The symptoms are messages saying the “Your connection is not fully secure” or similar and is caused by browsers particularly Chrome and Edge dropping support for TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 protocols. Our farm should be supporting TLS1.2 but currently it is not. We are looking into it and literally working through the night (this post written at 3:50am).


The one work around is to use the old Internet Explorer as seen by this icon i.e. the one with the yellow flash. See the source image   Internet Explorer works and will be on your machine somewhere. Some versionof Edge also work, Don’t confuse Internet Explorer with Internet Edge which looks similar.

Only the those who have applied the latest browsers are getting the problem… others usually work. Some browsers allow you to simply click continue but others prevent access completely.

Microsoft's new Edge logo erases bad memories of Internet ... However the latest version Microsoft Edge which now looks like this doesn’t work nor does the latest Chrome version. So if all is good please do not upgrade your browser or Windows until we have fixed the issue our end. Otherwise use Internet Explorer which will be on your PC somewhere. Thanks for your understanding.

Sir Stirling Moss OBE

“Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?”

We wouldn’t normally comment on a none computer topic but so many of the members, competitors and marshals of our RevUp customers would have been inspired by this legend that we just wanted to pay our tribute. Sir Stirling Moss who passed away on 12th April 2020 aged 90.

See the source image

Image courtesy of Sports Car Digest

Over just 14 years he won an incredible 212 of the 529 races he entered and yet even more incredibly never won the World Championship finishing 2nd four times and 3rd three more. Rather wonderfully he announced “Better to lose honourably in a British car than win in a foreign one”

A gent and an icon to the end it really is the passing of an era.

Sir Stirling Moss OBE (1929-2020)

RevUp working from home during the lockdown

Don’t forget anyone with a broadband internet connection can continue to run RevUp from home for no extra cost. If you aren’t sure or want more guidance please just drop an email to and we can show you how.

We will also be doing special reduced pricing for additional home users during this period. Please contact us for more information.

Power outage (24 June 21:52) RESOLVED

There has been an intermittent power outage at the Pulsant data centre following a scheduled UPS test. This will affect access to RevUp and related online facilities. The incident started at 21:52 and Pulsant engineers are investigated. We will update this status as soon as we know more…


Pulsant engineers have restored power to the data centre. We have also carried out a full audit of the Prosolve Software server farm following power restoration. There was NO data loss.

A full report will be made available by them in the coming days and the contents will be available from for those that are interested.

Alfa Romeo Owners Club take up RevUp

We are pleased to announce that The Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC), established in 1964, have joined the RevUp community and we look forward to working with them in the future.


AROC are a thriving club with members from both the British Isles and overseas. As thier website states “if you are interested in driving, racing, maintaining or showing a modern, classic or vintage Alfa Romeo, or in spectating at Alfa Romeo motorsport events, or enjoying the company and support of a group of people who are, this non-exclusive club has something for you.”

Find out more at

Trustico revokes SSL Certificates

Last night we applied a replacement SSL certificate onto the Prosolve Server hosting farm. This was required at short notice due to a dispute between Trustico and Digicert/Symantec causing over 20,000 SSL certificates to be revoked worldwide. You may find other web site you access have similar issues over the coming days.

What does this mean for you?

For most users logging into our farm nothing will change because we have acted promptly and replaced all the certificates as soon as notified. However, it is possible certain combinations of browsers and anti-virus software may cause a popup prompt indicating you need to trust the site.

If you are affected there are a number of things to try before calling our support desk.

1. Use a different browser (we have found Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox more reliable than Edge)

2. Temporarily disable your anti-virus whilst you run the application the first time (this allows the SSL certificate to install)

3. Upgrade the version of the Citrix Receiver client (available on

If you still have problems then please call or email with details of the error.

You can read more about the cause of this below with a statement from both companies. No doubt more will become clear once the dust has settled.

Kind regards

Support Desk

Mobile aware facilities for RevUp

As more and  more people are using mobile and tablets and as part of our ongoing development of RevUp we are moving the online renewals to a more responsive format. This means in the New Year (Spring it the target) we hope to have a fully responsive online process to allow RevUp customers to offer a fully integrated and streamlined renewal and updating facilities.


This will coincide with updating the process around access and password re-generation. The RevUp Web Service API much used by our club’s website designer will also be updated to dovetail with the new online presence. Watch this space…. 

The British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) sign up for RevUp


Action from the final round of MSA British Rallycross Championship (picture courtesy of BARC)

First formed in 1912, and now based at Thruxton Circuit, the BARC organises races at almost every venue in Britain. The club runs a huge number of championships including the Dunlop MSA British Touring Cars, Porsche Carrera Cup, MGOC Championship and the British Rallycross Championship.

The BARC Chief Operating Officer Drew Furlong said “One of my first tasks in my new position at BARC was to improve electronic communication with our members.  Having used the product previously, RevUp was the automatic choice to look after all our membership requirements.  With the additional module for race administration, RevUp will now form the cornerstone for the smooth operation of all of our events.  I am positive that all of our members, whether they are competitors, officials or marshals, will benefit from a proven product which is the go-to product for all of the major race clubs in the UK.”

Prosolve are delighted to welcome BARC on board and join the growing number of top racing clubs that use RevUp. This includes the BRSCC,  The Classic Sports Car Club, The Seven Fifty Motor Club, Castle Combe Racing Club and The MG Car Club.

Telephone lines down 14-Sep -2015 (RESOLVED)

14-10-2015 At last OpenReach have fixed the phones are we are back to full capacity

15-09-2015 The OpenReach engineer has identified the fault as line corrosion somewhere in the two mile stretch between us and the Cardington exchange.  

14-09-2015 Due to a fault at the local telephone exchange all our incoming lines have a fault. We have re-directed the 0844 numbers to an alternative however there is limited bandwidth so we ask all customers with support or other queries to please email and we will contact you asap. Thanks for your understanding. As soon as we have further news from BT OpenReach we will let you know. Regards Prosolve Software

Open Insight version 10

Revelation Software have announced the imminent release of the latest version of OpenInsight which promises a major new look and feel to the development suite. At Prosolve we have always been big fans of the power of the multi valued architecture, the powerful R/Basic language and the speed of development with OpenInsight and it’s forerunner Advanced Revelation. However, on occasions we’ve felt limited by much of the supporting toolset especially after working extensively with .NET for the last ten years of so. OpenInsight 10 promises the best of both worlds!

We are attending an special developers workshop in October so watch this space for our thoughts…