Producing the very best software and service that enables our customers to meet their goals

Whether you are looking for a complete custom solution using OpenInsight or a days tailoring of an existing Advanced Revelation system you have come to the right place. With competative rates and some of the most experienced developers and consultants in the community Prosolve will give you an honest appraisal and sensible estimate for any piece of work.

We can provide the following services for any products in the Revelation Software portfolio

  • software design and development
  • RevG and Advanced Revelation migration to OpenInsight
  • export and migration to alternate database systems such as SQL Server & Oracle
  • Citrix & terminal services consultancy (yes OI does run on XenApp & the lastest version of RDS)
  • integration with and development of .NET (and other) components
  • ongoing support for existing third party applications
  • software audit and review

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